Please note that crew membership is currently suspended


The current fees and subscriptions for the club are as follows:

  • Joining Fee - £140
  • Joining Fee - Junior - £35
  • Subs - Full Member - £162.20
  • Subs - Family Member - £243.34
  • Subs - Crewing Member - £32.40
  • Subs - Veteren Member of 20yrs £81.10
  •                                               10yrs £146.00
  • Subs Veteran Family Memebers of 20yrs £121.66
  •                                                             10yrs £218.99
  • Subs - Junior Member - £40.55
  • Subs - Cadet Member - £16.22

Mooring Costs

2018 Mooring Costs from £330 to £370 depending on mooring length (35 to 55 feet). Cost includes maintenance, rental, conservancy licence and dinghy park space.

Mooring fees are appropriate to a yachts length and type of mooring. The club does not cater for motor cruisers or sailing dinghies.

It should be noted that crewing members are expected to be actively crewing on another member’s boat before applying for a crewing membership and it is expected that the skipper of this boat would be the proposer for the crewing member. A crewing member will not be allowed to have his/her own craft on the club premises – If you are interested in crewing you are welcome to come into the club to introduce yourself to other members and enquire about available opportunities.