Mooring Regulations

  1. All yachts must be covered by insurance to comply with Clause 7 of the Medway Ports Permit - type 'B'.
  2. Yachts must not sail on or off the moorings.
  3. Yachts are to be moored bows up river.
  4. Rudders are to be lashed amidships.
  5. When you leave the mooring, the top lines must be tied together in order that the correct spacing is maintained between the buoys.
  6. All types of cockpit covers must be kept as low as possible, particularly if a boom-tent type of cover is used. Pram hoods should be lowered.
  7. Tenders left on the moorings must be moored centrally between the buoys in order to avoid damage to other craft.
  8. Dinghies must be chained and padlocked when left in the dinghy park. The name of the parent craft and the dinghy space number should be on the dinghy.
  9. Outboard motors should be unshipped when on the moorings. Outboard motors may only be left shipped if: 
    1. With the motor in place, the overall length of the craft is not greater than that permitted for the mooring. 
    2. The motor is locked in the vertical position.
  10. Yachts having moorings on the Rudham Trot will hoist a Radar Reflector whilst on the mooring.
  11. Fenders should be left in place on yachts as required.
  12. It is the Owner's responsibility to ensure that the lines that are used to secure the yacht to the Upnor Sailing Club Moorings are more than adequate. The top lines are NOT to be used for mooring and are to be left slack when the yacht is on the mooring. Care must be taken to avoid damage to the top lines, as they are part of the mooring.


Various clauses apply to the management of the moorings and the responsibilities of the Upnor Sailing Club in its management of the allocated areas.

The following clauses apply to members and their yachts:

Clause 7
That the vessels occupying the said moorings will be adequately insured, including the following risks:

  1. Damage to other vessels.
  2. Damage to the moorings and property of the Authority caused by fire or other hazards.

Clause 13
That the owners will keep the vessels at all times in a sound, watertight and seaworthy condition. Should the vessels through any cause whatsoever sink, strand or be abandoned within the limits of the port and thereby cause any interference with rights of navigation therein or with the user of any of the other berths, then the Authority shall be entitled to raise and salvage the vessel and recover their proper charges, fees and expenses from in respect thereof.


Moorings on the Medway

The Club has laid 86 moorings opposite the Clubhouse (in the tidal river Medway), over half of which are 'deep water'.

Moorings are allocated annually on a basis of seniority of membership, at present we have a few deep water moorings available.

The Club has its own tender park, all-tide landing and half-tide scrubbing posts.

Please take note of the mooring guide and mooring regulations.