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Cruise Planning Sheet


Departure Date

Return Date

Lead Boat

Sheerness HW

Arrive HW


VHF CH 16 + CH 6 for Cruise: Medway VTS (74), Burnham  Yacht Harbour (80)

Destination WPT
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Passage Notes

NOTES: Burnham is 44 NM from Upnor. The passage should be planned to take the north-going  (falling) tide from the Medway to arrive at the Inner Whitaker South Cardinal Buoy at LW and take the  rising tide to Burnham. Leave Upnor at HW -slower boats might wish to anchorin Stangate Creek the  night before or pick up a buoy at Queenborough (charges may apply) 

● From Sheerness shape a course to the Blacktail Spit Buoy 

● Shape a course along the edge of the Maplin Sands to the Inner Whitaker South Cardinal  Buoy 

● Shape a course through the (buoyed) Whitaker Channel to the entrance of the (buoyed)  River Crouch at Holiwell Pointtowards Burnham 

● 5 miles from the mouth of the River Crouch, follow the green cans along the fairway on the  south side of the river.

● At Fairway Buoy 11 the marina is clearly visible on the north bank.  ● The marina entrance has a mid-channel marker and there are two steel piles marking the  breached sea wall entrance to the harbour and marina. 

Further info: 

N.B: Be aware of small coasters using the Baltic Wharf on the south side of the Crouch. 

● North Fambridge is 11 NM upstream of Burnham.

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