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Cruise Planning Sheet


Departure Date

Return Date

Lead Boat

Sheerness HW

Arrive HW


VHF CH 16 + CH 6 Cruise: Ramsgate Port Control (14), Ramsgate  Marina (80), Calais Port Control (17)

Destination WPT

Destination WPT (Calais Entrance): 



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Passage Notes

NOTES: It is the skipper’s responsibility to check that all vessel documentation, safety equipment, fuel and other  consumables are compliant with EU regulations in force at the time of entry, and that all crew have the necessary  documentation to enter the EU. 

You may wish to check AND 

  • Leave Ramsgate to get south going tide.

  • Stay close to the south side of Ramsgate dredged channel until past Goodwin Knoll Starboard buoy

  • Once past Goodwin Knoll Starboard buoy, avoiding the shoal water to the SE, shape a course towards Sandettie  SW buoy leaving the Tail of the Falls South Cardinal Buoy to port.

  • At the edge of the TSS heading SE, alter course to cross it at right angles to comply with Collision Regulation 10.  The tide will push you to the SW.

  • Leave the NE going TSS lane to the south of the Ruytingen Starboard Buoy.  

  • Shape a course to the Calais Approach South Cardinal Buoy

  • At the Calais Approach South Cardinal Buoy. follow the north edge of the buoyed Calais Approach channel. 

  • When close to CA6 Port Buoy, call Calais Port Control on VHF Ch 17 and follow their instructions. 

NOTE: You will be required to remain in the holding area outside the harbour until permission to enter the harbour is given. Once in the harbour you may have to wait up to an hour for the road bridge to be lifted to enter the marina.

Additional Information


Each skipper is responsible for his/her craft, making sure they and the vessel are capable of making the trip, calculating their own speed, checking the marine weather forecast before and during passage, observing all relevant rules including ColRegs and taking into account any other relevant factors not listed. 

Upnor Sailing Club accepts no liability for any inaccuracies in the above or any consequences arising from them.

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