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Cruise Planning Sheet


Departure Date

27 May 2023

Return Date

29 May 2023

Lead Boat

Spring Moon

Jeremy Cross

Sheerness HW


Arrive HW



VHF CH 16 + CH 6 Cruise:

Medway VTS (74), Ramsgate Port Control

(14), Ramsgate Marina (80)

Destination WPT

Destination WPT (Ramsgate Entrance): 

LAT: 51 19.43 N 

LONG: 001 27.70 E

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Passage Notes

NOTES: Two passages are possible for Ramsgate, which is 47NM from Upnor via the shorter, "Overland" route. 

The "Overland" route stays close to the North Kent shore. 

Leave Upnor at HW. Slower boats might wish to anchor overnight at

Stangate Creek or pick up a mooring at Queenborough (charges may apply).

  • From Sheerness shape a course close to the Spile Buoy then towards the Copperas Buoy.

  • Shape a course between the Copperas Buoy & Reculver Buoy - NB There is currently 2m at Chart Datum between the buoys.

  • Shape a course through the Copperas Channel south of the Margate Sands, avoiding the drying areas along the North Kent coast.

  • Shape a course close to the Longnose Buoy (NB: this buoy is unlit).

  • Shape a course towards the dredged & buoyed Ramsgate entrance channel.

  • Contact Ramsgate Port Control (Ch 14) for permission to enter. When inside contact Marina (Ch 80) for a berth.

  • Further info at:

  • For the longer "offshore" route departure times are as above. This route avoids the shallow Copperas Channel.

  • Shape a course to stay south of the buoyed Medway and Princes Channel close to the Red Sand Towers. (N.B:

  • Take care not to navigate too close to the drying Pan Sand).

  • Shape a course towards the East Margate Buoy, then shape a course towards Ramsgate harbour entrance as above.

The return trip will require pushing the tide from Ramsgate to be in the vicinity of the Longnose buoy/ SE Margate Buoy at LW and therefore get the full 6 hours fair tide to the Medway.

Additional Information


Each skipper is responsible for his/her craft, making sure they and the vessel are capable of making the trip, calculating their own speed, checking the marine weather forecast before and during passage, observing all relevant rules including ColRegs and taking into account any other relevant factors not listed. 

Upnor Sailing Club accepts no liability for any inaccuracies in the above or any consequences arising from them.

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