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Cruise Planning Sheet

Upnor to Conyer (E & W approaches)

Upnor to Conyer (E & W approaches)
Departure Date

17 June 2023

Return Date

18 June 2023

Lead Boat

Chris Knowles

Sheerness HW

Arrive HW


VHF CH 16 + CH 6 for Cruise: Medway VTS (CH 74) Kingsferry Bridge: (CH 10) or 01795 423627 to check opening times Swale Marina: 01795 521562

Destination WPT
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Passage Notes


Time your passage to take the flood tide, whether entering the Swale from East or West. From the East, via South Deep, arrive at the entrance to Conyer Creek on a rising tide. From the West, via Queenborough, pass under Kingsferry Bridge & arrive at the mouth of Conyer Creek on a rising tide. Kingsferry Bridge usually opens twice an hour, at H+10 and H-20. 

Commercial shipping uses this waterway and takes priority over leisure craft. PH & SH Buoys switch sides of the Swale 0.25NM NW of SCM Lilies (VQ(6)+LFl10s). 

From the EAST (via South Deep): Pilotage details: 

● Shape a passage along the Swale from Columbine Spit to Fowley Spit ECB (Q(3)10s). 

● Leave Fowley Spit ECB close to PORT and aim for an unlit SHB off the E end of Fowley Island. NOTE: Watch your depth - the channel tends to follow a curve closing on the S shore. 

● 0.2 NM after the unlit SHB, pass white waiting buoys, a sluice on the S shore (R.Bn) and head W to an unlit PHB. 

● From the unlit PHB, head SW via a channel marked with small RED & GREEN channel buoys to a small ECB inside the mouth of Conyer Creek. 

From the WEST (Butterfly Channel): Pilotage: 

● Shape a passage along the Swale to PHB No 8 (Fl.R 2s). 

● Head SE towards a beacon/marker west of Fowley Island. NOTE: Watch your depth! HW at Conyer Creek should give 2m depth but this varies because of gutways across the flats. 

● At the beacon/marker, look for a pair of PORT & STBD marks, followed by pairs of withies marking the channel (best depth is in the centre). Head SW towards the sea wall. 

● Just before the sea wall, turn hard to PORT towards the small ECB, where the Butterfly Channel meets the E channel. 

● From the small ECB, follow RED & GREEN channel buoys heading towards the E shore & then towards the W side of the creek until you reach a sharp left hand bend. 

● Follow the channel past Conyer Marina (on E bank). After 150m turn STBD into Swale Marina.

Additional Information


Each skipper is responsible for his/her craft, making sure they and the vessel are capable of making the trip, calculating their own speed, checking the marine weather forecast before and during passage, observing all relevant rules including ColRegs and taking into account any other relevant factors not listed. Upnor Sailing Club accepts no liability for any inaccuracies in the above or any consequences arising from them.

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