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Cruise Planning Sheet


Departure Date

Return Date

Lead Boat

Sheerness HW

Arrive HW


VHF CH: Cruise (06) London VTS (68) to Crayfordness, close  to Erith yacht club, then (14). Destination Port: Limehouse (80)

Destination WPT
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Passage Notes

NOTE: Sheerness to London Marinas approximately 42 to 45 NM.  Lock entry: times for locks vary: check before departure. Beware cross tides at lock entrances. 

  • Be at Sheerness at LW to get full lift of approx 7.5 hours fair tide.  

  • Leaving the Medway, stay close to the south shore of Thames following the buoyed channel.  

  • Cross to the north side of the Thames near Lower Hope buoy.  

  • After Ovens Starboard buoy beware of groynes that extend from Thames’ North bank for next 2 NM  marked by green beacons: do not go inside these! Beware of shipping movements into Tilbury  Docks and Ro Ro terminals near Dartford Crossing. Do not ‘cut corners’ on bends: London VTS  monitors the river by CCTV.  

  • You are required to call Thames Tidal Barrier on Ch 14 when passing Margaret Ness for permission  to pass through the barrier: you must motor through the barrier. The spans have bright lights to  indicate the spans for small craft, usually G for inbound and B for outbound craft. The barrier phone  number is 0208 855 0315 if your VHF does not work.

On your return passage, leave the Marina as soon as possible as there are only 5 hours fair tide outwards

Additional Information

Marinas in London:


Email :

NOTE: Each skipper is responsible for his/her own craft and making sure they and the vessel and crew are  capable of making the trip, calculating their own speed, checking the weather before and during passage,  observing all relevant rules including ColRegs and taking into account any other relevant factors not listed.  Upnor Sailing Club accepts no liability for any inaccuracies in the above or any consequences thereof.

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